If I made a commercial for Trader Joe's.

    Our old studio on Bryant was right up the block from Trader Joe’s and as you might imagine we would wander over there several times a day.

One day I was taking a photo of a primitive but lovely hand-drawn chalk sign when a manager came running over to tell me cameras aren’t allowed in Trader Joe’s. Well, he didn’t say anything about cell phones so I decided then and there to make a commercial for TJ’s on my Treo. Up until now they haven’t done any TV advertising at all so I have no idea if this is the kind of thing they would like.


Huge thanks to Mike Bates, Harley Jessup, Eli Hollander, Enrique Coria (guitar), David Lisle (piano), McKell Smith, Craig Helmholz, Crescendo Studios, Rachel Hanson, Alessandro De Sogos, Don Smith, Scott Shell, Kacie Ratner, Susan Woolley, Libby Bass, Christina Landman, Tanya Lumbi, Joan Willat, Lucia Pastierovikova, Whitney Dobransky, Dave Thomas, Julia Ward and all other voluntary and involuntary participants.